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Chimney Experts Servicing the Mornington Peninsula

The Chimney Phoenix are wood combustion stove specialists (excluding gas) servicing the Mornington Peninsula region and Eastern suburbs or outer west Gippsland by grouped appointments only. (See map)

We provide truly comprehensive flue & chimney sweeping services, guaranteeing professional compliance aligned with home insurance company policies.

Note: Maintenance guidance of chimneys and fireplaces is at least biannually for your health, safety and insurance-policy peace-of-mind.

Chimney fires are more common than most recognise.

Chimney Sweeping

Fireplace safety should always be a priority for both your health and safety.

Chimney Restoration

Chimneys wear out over time so call us to restore your chimney.


A poorly maintained fireplace means that your fire will not burn efficiently.

20+ Years Experience

Chimney Sweeping

Flue Cleans & Repairs

Fireplace Inspections

Woodheater Cleaning

The Chimney Sweeper that does it all!

Jordie has experience in chimneys, wood heaters, chimney sweeping / flue cleans and chimney restoration since the early 2000’s