Chimneys wear out over time so call us to restore your chimney.

Chimney Restorations

The Chimney Phoenix is prepared for all manner of flue system & Cowling replacements.As a close associate of Flo-met Flue Systems in Dromana, Jordie also has excellent access to their 40+ years of experience and can often have manufactured custom product on a case by case basis. As well as access to their huge range of industry leading products. 

  • Phoenix is capable of restoring the stoves themselves to near new if the situation warrants it.
  • Common glass replacement at on par or cheaper cost than retail. Door (seal) rope, glass seals and even manufacturing new wooden door handles or latches isn’t out of our realm of ability.
  • Like-for-like replacement of electric fans, looms and switches.
  • Damper system repairs and replacement
  • By subcontractor appointment, we can do brick chimney repairs or full builds.
  • The same for installation by my trusted plumbing partner
  • Resprays & powder coating available

And much more.

The Chimney Phoenix is a member of the Australian Home Heating Association and we are comprehensively insured.

The Chimney Sweeper that does it all!

Jordie has experience in chimneys, wood heaters, chimney sweeping / flue cleans and chimney restoration since the early 2000’s