Fireplace safety should always be a priority for both your health and safety.

Fireplace & chimney ysafety should always be a priority.

Built up material inside the chimney can heat up and cause unexpected fires. Secondly, an unobstructed chimney allows for a better flow of oxygen, burning your firewood more efficiently and providing you with a cleaner warmth, when required.

Safety for you and your family.

On a health note, a blocked chimney burns the stuck particles, causing  toxic fumes to spill out into your home which can have dire breathing consequences immediately, for some, and in the long term for others.

A non-serviced chimney, particularly between seasons, accumulates insects, bird wastes and nature debris from the wind. Over time, the amount of burnt and unburnt debris should be cleaned out, as they will damage your chimney structure, particularly at the ‘stuck points’.

The Chimney Sweeper that does it all!

Jordie has experience in chimneys, wood heaters, chimney sweeping / flue cleans and chimney restoration since the early 2000’s